20m3 SINOTRUK 6X4 garbage truck
December 17, 2018
10m3 SINOTRUK 4X2 garbage truck
December 18, 2018
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16m3 SINOTRUK 4X2 garbage truck

Technical parameters of the vehicle

Product modelQDZ5162ZYSZH
Chassis modelsZZ1167M4617C(国Ⅲ)
Vehicle length (mm)9095(含双方桶或簸箕斗机械手后伸量330)
Width of vehicle (mm)2498
Vehicle height (mm)3290
Total mass (kg)16000
Rated load mass (kg)6720
Prepared mass (kg)9150
Number of persons allowed to ride in the cab (person)2
Maximum speed (km/h)90
Approach Angle/Angle of departure (°)16/17
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm)1500/2665
Axle weight6000/10000
Wheelbase (mm)4600
Carriage effective volume (m3)16
Volume of filler (m3)1.1
Fill in the operation cycle time (S)≤25
Time of discharging garbage at one time (S)≤45
Lifting time of filler (S)8~10
Rated pressure of hydraulic system (MPa)18
Hydraulic system control mode电—气—机及机械(电控或手控)
Oil cylinder type双作用活塞式
The oil pump双联齿轮泵
Directional control valve多路换向阀
Hydraulic tank capacity (L)150
Operation mode of force extractor电—气—机
Power supply voltage of hydraulic control electrical system (V)DC24