November 22, 2018
November 22, 2018
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Bulldozer-SHANTUI SD22
ModelCummins NT855-C280S10 In-line water 4-cycle,overhead valve direct injection,turbocharged diesel
Rated power162 KW / 220 HP
Number of cylinders6-139.7×152.4 mm (bore x stroke)
Piston displacement14.01 L
Min.fuel consumption205 g/kw.h
Maximum torque1030 N.m@1250 rpm
Power Transmission System
Torque converter3-element,1 stage,1 phase
TransmissonPlanetary gear, multi-disc clutch,hydraulically connected,forced lubrication
Main driveSpiral bevel gear,splash lubrication,single-stage speed reduction
Steering clutchWet,multi-disc,spring loaded,hydraulically separated,hydraulic control
Steering brakeWet,floating,direct on-off hydraulic inter-linking operation
Final drive2-stage speed reduction of spur gear,splash lubrication
Travel Speed
Forward0-3.6 km/h0-6.5 km/h0-11.2 km/h 
Reverse0-4.3 km/h0-7.7 km/h0-13.2 km/h 
Undercarriage System
TypeSwing type of sprayed beam,suspended structure of equalizer bar
Carrier rollers2 each side
Track rollers6 each side
Track typeAssembled,single-go user
Width of track shoes560 mm
Pitch216 mm
Hydraulic System
Maximum pressure14 Mpa
Pump typeGear pump
Discharge262 L/min
Bore of working cylinder120 mm x 2
Blade typeStraight-tilt
Dozing capacity6.4 m3
Efficiency330 m3/h
Blade width3725 mm
Blade height1315 mm
Min. ground clearance405 mm
Maximum drop below gound538 mm
Maximum tilt adjustment>735 mm
Min. turning radius3.3 m
Ground pressure0.077MPa
Track gauge2000 mm
Weight of blade2830kg
With: Ripper 3-shank (Optional 1)  $9000 added
Maximum digging depth of 3-shank ripper666 mm
Maximum lift above ground555 mm
Weight of 3-shank ripper2495 kg
With: A/C