November 22, 2018
November 22, 2018
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Motor Grade-SG18-3
Engine ModelCummins 6BTAA5.9-C180
Engine typeIn-line,water-cooled,4-cycle,direct injection,turbocharged
Rated power/speed132 kw/2200 rpm
Number of cylinders (bore x stroke)6 (102 x 120 mm)
Piston displacement5.9 L
Maximum torque/speed770 N.m/1500 rpm
Minimum fuel consumption206 g/kw.h
Travel speed
Transmission and torque converter;Electronic controlled transmission with 6 forward gears and 3 reverse gears
Forward0-5.4 km/h0-9.3 km/h0-12.2 km/h0-20.7 km/h0-25.6 km/h0-39.7 km/h
Reverse0-5.4 km/h0-12.2 km/h0-25.6 km/h
Balance boxTypeNo-spin limited slip differential,heavy-duty roller chain drive
Oscillation angle15° forward;15° reverse
TireType17.5-25PR14 drive type tire
Pattern level1-2A
Optional tire17.5-25PR14 block tread common tire
Steering systemMinimum turing radius7800 mm
Front wheel tilting angle±17°
Front wheel steering angle±45°
Front axle oscillating angle±15°
Articulation angle25°
Brake systemService brake4-wheelpliers-pan brake,full hydraulic,foot brake
Parking brakeHand brake with ratchel wheel
Brake pressure10 Mpa
Operation weightTotal16200 kg
Front axle load4800 kg
Rear axle load11400 kg
Balde length3660/3965 mm
Blade height635 mm
Blade rotational angle360°
Cutting angle adjustment range44-91°
Maximum cutting depth500 mm
Cutting force per dozing22.95 kN/m
Maximum lift above ground440 mm
Maximum blade lateral extension (left/right)1900/1950 mm
Hydraulic system
Working pumpTandem pump
Displacement of working pump28×2 ml
Working hydraulic pressure16 Mpa