Wheel loader
November 22, 2018
November 22, 2018
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Parameters of the itemXGC75
Job performance parameters*
Main arm maximum rated lifting weight(t)75
Fixed jib maximum rated lifting weight(t)12
Luffing jib maximum rated lifting weight(t)
Maximum lifting moment(t.m)286
Tower jib maximum lifting weight(t)
Working condition of single arm end pulley maximum rated lifting weight(t)6.5
Special deputy arm maximum rated lifting weight(t)
Size parameters*
The arm length(m)13~58
The main luffing Angle(°)-3~80
Fixed arm length(m)7~19
Tower jib length(m)
Cargo status sheet maximum size (length x width x height)(m)12.7×3.4×3.4
Fixed jib installation Angle(°)10、30
Special deputy arm length(m)
Speed parameter*
The biggest single rope hoist speed(m/min)128
The boom luffer maximum speed of single rope(m/min)70
Deputy arm luffing mechanism’s largest single rope speed(m/min)
Maximum turning speed(r/min)3
The highest speed(km/h)1.4
Average ground pressure(MPa)0.08
Luffing mechanism of tower arm’s largest single rope speed(m/min)
Over the range of maximum speed of single rope(m/min)
The engine*
Engine power(kW)155/153
Quality parameters*
The whole machine quality(t)61(主吊钩,13米臂)
Cargo status sheet maximum quality(t)37