QDZ5190SG08 Firefighting Vehicle
December 18, 2018
December 19, 2018
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QDZ5310SG15 Firefighting Vehicle












Main Specification for the vehicle:

L x W x H: 10230mm×2500mm×3600 mm

Max speed: 90km/h

Approach angle: ≥16° Departure angle: ≥13°

二、Main specification


(1)Manufacturer: CNHTC (SINOTRUK)

(2)Model: ZZ ZZ5347N4647D



Max Output Power: 247Kw (336HP)

Max Torque: 1350N·m

Fuel: Diesel Oil

Emission: EURO II

(4)Drive type: 6×4

(5)Wheel base: 4600mm

(6)GVW: 30000kg

(7)Transmission: HW19710

( 8 ) Oil tank: 400L


Model: HE80Q

Type: Full power

Function: Spray water while truck moving

3、Water tank

1)Welding structure

2)Material: carbon steel

3)Fixture: soft connected with chassis

4)Volume:  water 15000L


Manhole (diameter 400mm) with fast lock/unlock device.

Swash plate inside the tank

Overflow valve

Liquid level sensor

Two DN80 fast buckles on both side

Waste drain port (ball valve control)

Water outlet on the bottom of the tank with Φ150 filter

4、Fire pump and water sysytem

1)CB10/60 firefighting pump

Type: medium and low pressure centrifugal pump         

Flow: 60L/s under 1MPa

Max suction depth: 7m

Min time for water suction: £50s

Additional cooling device

Mounting position: Rear


It is made of good quality anti-corrosion material (steel tube, copper alloy, engineering plastic, rubber)

It has one water outlet on each side of the pump. One water pipeline for water cannon is on top of the pump.

From pump to water tank, It has an water supply pipeline that controlled by a pneumatic butterfly valve.

It has a valve controlled water drain pipeline on the bottom of the pump.

Cooling pipeline: cooling pipeline and waste drain valve for PTO

One water inlet is on each side of the pump


   Type: instrument panel

 Location: inside the pump room

   Pressure gauge 1

   Vacuum gauge 1

   Tachometer 1

   Liquid indicator   1 set

5)Water cannon

Model: PS40/50

Rotating angle:  360° horizontal rotation

Elevation: ≥+70

Depression:  ≤-15°

Flow and working distance:

40 L/s(1.0Mpa)   water ³60 m

50 L/s(1.0Mpa)   water ³65 m

5、Pump room

1)Structure: welding structure, skid resistance on the top

2)Location: rear

3)Fixture: rigid connecting


  Aluminum alloy door panel    

 fire unit     

Lighting lamp

Flash lamp on top of the both side

6、Equipment room

1)Structure: welding structure, skid resistance on the top

2)Location: behind the driving cab

3)Fixture : rigid connecting


Aluminum alloy door panel

Porous steel equipment rack

Foot step loading no less than 150kg

Lighting lamp inside

Flash lamp on the top of both side

Fixture buckle

7、Alarm and lighting system

1)One red/blue alarm lamp is on the top of the cab

2)Alarm device with speaker

8、Surface treatment

(1)Paint: imported

(2)Color: fireman‘s red

9、Fire fighting equipment arrangement and standard  

1)Reasonable arrangement 

2)Quickly put in and take the equipment

10、Firefighting equipment list

 Name Model quantityremark
1Water suction pipeKY1508m 
2Water filterFLF1501 
3Fire hose13-65-208 
4Fire hose13-80-204 
5Water knockout drumFFS801 
7Buckle 80 male/65 female, 65 male/ 80 femaleset1 
8Connector 65 inner buckle/65 clip male buckle、connector 65 inner buckle/65clipfemale buckle、connector 80inner buckle/80clip male buckle、connector 80 inner buckle/80 clip female buckleset1 
9Fire hydrant joint buckleKY150/KT1001 
10Package of the fire hoseFP4704 
11Hose protectorFH801 
12Hose hookFG6002 
13Over ground hydrant wrenchFB4501 
14Under ground hydrant wrenchFBA8001 
15Switch straight steam nozzleQZG3.5/7.51 
16Blooming straight steam nozzleQZK3.5/7.51 
17Suction pipe wrenchFS1502 
18Spade 2#1 
19Hatchet for firefighterGFJ2851 
21Pickax  1