Our blast pots are mainly designed and integrated with the wide range of nozzles, wet blast attachments, internal pipe cleaning devices, dust free blasting heads, abrasive control device.

Dustless blasting recognizes the needs of the industry and our machines offer all the features that the professional use requires. All machines can be fitted with a well-designed and proven single piece remote control dead man switch and silencer which significantly reduce labour cost, improve efficiency of abrasive, performance and safety.

The machines are constructed for a maximum 150 PSI working pressure. The pneumatic abrasive remote control valve can achieve operators to stop or start。


Sandblasting machine metal parts can not be damaged, dimensional accuracy will not change.

Parts surface is not affected by pollution, abrasive will not react with parts material.

The sand blasting machine can easily deal with grooves, concave touching part.

Handling cost is greatly reduced, mainly embodied in the sandblasting machine work efficiency, can satisfy the requirement of all customers.

Low energy consumption, cost saving.

Sandblasting procedure is eco-friendly, no pollution to environment.

Capacity1 Cuft2 Cuft5 Cuft8 Cuft15 Cuft30 Cuft
Blast time15 min30 min60 min90 min2-3 hour4-6 hour
Hose50 ft.50 ft.50 ft.50 ft.100 ft.100 ft.
Weight KG~72~120~167~194~380~554
Compressor120CMF120 CFM185CFM300+ CFM425+ CFM425+ CFM
Operating Pressure30-150 PSI30-150 PSI30-150 PSI30-150 PSI30 to 150 PSI30-150 PSI
Blasting Hose10-15M10-15M10-15M10-20M15-30 M15-30M
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