Welding Fume Extractor Introduction

Use for purification of the smoke and dust during the welding, polishing, cutting, grinding process and the recycling of rare metals and precious material, can purify large amounts of suspended small metallic particles in the air.

Operating Principle

It is equipped with three layers filter system

1, under the help of the fan device, the welding fume is sucked into inlet through sucking hood. There is the flame arrester in the inlet, so the spark can be blocked here, the left fume and dust is sucked into gravity separator, and then the bigger particles firstly descend into dust bag. 

2, the smaller particles are arrested in the surface of core filter. The cleaner gas then flow into clean room after being purified by core filters.

3, in clean room, the clean gas is then further purified by active carbon. At last, the gas meets the required standards and enters into air or other required room.

Facility Characteristics

1)      It is equipped with ABB turbo fan and motor imported from Germany and America, with overload prevention circle to avoid motor damage. It is of steady performance.

2)      It is equipped with built-in centralized PLC controlling system. The operation panel is clear and simple, very easy to operate.

3)      Pulsing back-flushing automatic dust-removal system: The filter core is the automatic rotating and back-flushing type, which keeps the filter core surface clean when working, to insure the stable blowing rate; the air compressor parts are connected with high pressure rubber pipe with high pressure air-inflow in the bottom, which insure the facility always in good working condition.

4) The filter core is imported from America with long useful life. It can arrest the 0.3μm particles. The filtering effect is good for all kinds of particles including the wet particles.

5) It is equipped with the all-directions sucking arm of 360 degree rotating. It can suck the fume exactly from the source which make best of the fume collection efficiency, and insure the workers’ health in the largest extent.

6) It is equipped with three layer filter system to avoid the damage effect of flame and large slag particles, which extend the useful life, safer and more reliable.

7) Clean air uniform guidance and dispersed from the grille outlet, to keep the noise minimum.

8) It is attached with all-direction caster wheels, which makes the facility ovable freely and easy to position.

9) Photoelectric controlled on/off, energy saving and high efficiency. The hood has the lighting device which is upon customer’s choice.

10) The parts working condition are all stable and have long useful life, meantime easy to be replaced.


Standard Model and specification

Single arm type:
ModelAirflow (M 3 /h)Filter Area (M 2 )Voltage (V)Power (Kw)Size L xWxH (mm)Noise (dB)N. W. (KG)
JZ 1200120012380 or 2200.75650x550x1250≤60165
JZ 1500150012380 or 2201. 5650x550x1250≤62175
JZ 2400240015380 or 2202.2650x550x1250≤68175
JZ 3600360020380 or 2203.0650x650x1250≤70185
 Double arm type:
ModelAirflow(M3/h)Voltage(V)Power(Kw)SizeL xWxH (mm)Noise(dB)W. (KG)
LB-2400S2400380 or 220220V650×550*1250≤69185
LB-3600S3600380 or 220220V650×550*1250≤70200

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