LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is used to clean LPG/CNC/GAS cylinders, remove rust, old paint and eliminate surface stress, increases workpiece film adhesion of coating.

LPG cylinder blasting machine has several types: First type is diabolo roller conveyor type, which makes the lpg cylinder move forward horizontally and rotate when it moves forward. One or two blast wheels are fixed on top of the blasting chamber. Due to the LPG cylinder rotate when it moves forward, the blast wheel can blast it thoroughly from all sides. This machine is a continuous type.

Second type is spinner hanger type blasting machine, which has I or Y track rail overhead. This is normally for small quantity blasting job.

Third type is the monorail hanger type blasting machine, which is a continuous moving process, and it can be connected to previous and following procedure of the whole production line.

Customer can choose the suitable type according the production requirement.

If a standard model does not meet your surface preparation requirement, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you.

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