Rotary drum blasting machine is designed for blasting of small to medium-sized work pieces that are manufactured in small or medium-sized series. It is used for processing of castings, forgings and heat-treated work pieces.

Work pieces are loaded in the machine manually or by forklift. The process can be partially automated, in a way that loading of work pieces in the drum is carried out by means of hydraulic loader. When emptying the machine, work pieces fall into the crates or vibratory conveyor, which is located between the machine and the hydraulic loader. The wheel is mounted on the cover of the drum in order to achieve greater efficiency of blasting.

The drum has a specific form of the “triangle” in the centre. This causes the parts at the bottom of the barrel to move to the top of the mass. This multi-tumbling action ensures that the blast stream reaches all surface areas, thus producing even and consistent blast results.


Compared with the rubber belt tumble blasting machine, there are many important advantages: 

Since the drum is made of one piece, crossings from flexible and fixed machine parts are avoided. I. e. clamping of work pieces is avoided. Furthermore, drums can easily and completely be emptied, that avoids double treatment of each work piece.


Machine typeVB-140
Max load (kg)~ 1200
Drum size (mm)~ ø 1500 x 1600mm depth
Perforation on the drum (mm)Ø 6 x 10
Max single workpiece weight (kg)40
Max work piece length (mm)500
Total motor power (kw)57
Throwing wheel typeY30
Number of throwing wheels1
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