A complete preservation line consisting of individually adapted conveyor systems, pre-heater chamber, shot blasting machine, paint booth, and a drying chamber. This line is used for steel sheet blasting, painting and drying. It can also be used for H beams.

Conveyor systems has roller conveyors, hydraulic cross transfer device and V shape chain conveyor.

A gas-fired pre-heater unit allows the treatment of wet or even ice-covered material from outside storage.

The blasting machine has blasting chamber and the cleaning chamber. The workpieces will pass through the three chambers on a continuous moving roller conveyor. The conveyor speed can be adjusted by inverter from 0.5m/min to 4m/min.

The quantity of the blast turbine wheels is adapted to the width of steel plate. Blasting wheels are made from wear-resistant materials with power from 7.5 to 45 kW, providing efficient shot blasting.

Rotary brush and blowing nozzle is allocated in the cleaning chamber to remove the dust on steel plate surface before exit the machine.

The painting chamber has upper and bottom two units of spray painting guns of Graco brand. The painting guns moves simultaneously with the steel plate. The paint layer thickness and painting speed can be set on PLC.

The paint layer produced in the painting chamber will be dried in line by the post drying chamber, allowing the handling of the components immediately upon exit for further treatment steps. The heating power can be electricity or gas.

High quality cartridge type dust collector is used to keep the environmental protection, which makes sure the dust emission lower than 30mg/m3.

If a standard model does not meet your surface preparation requirement, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you.


  1. The preservation line includes all functions such as blasting, painting and drying.  It is a one-time solution.

  2. Hydraulic loading and unloading device optional for easy handling of workpieces.

  3. Roller conveyor speed adjustable from 5m/min to 4m/min.

  4. Touch screen operator interface and integrated PLC, automatic mode or manual mode;

  5. The blasting chamber is protected by wear-resistant manganese steel liner, lifetime is about 15000 hours.

  6. Series of rubber screens keep the abrasive inside the blasting machine in entry chamber and exit cleaning chamber.

  7. Rotary brush and high-pressure blowing fan remove the remaining abrasive and dust from workpieces before it exits the shot blasting machine.

  8. High efficiency Graco spray painting guns built in.


1Steel plateWidth500-15001000-20001000-25001000-30001000-35001000-4000
2Structure partsMax. width16008002500150035004000
Max. height500300400800400500
Max. length2000-120002400-120002000-120002400-120002000-120002400-16000
3Roller conveyorPermissible load111.5222
4Total power450413.2550614560600

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