The floor shot blasting machine has an AC inverted drive-motor with integrated brake.  This improved feature maintain speed on ramps and inclines, making it the ideal choice for restoring skid resistance and traction in parking garages or on warehouses floors. This also improves your productivity as it generates a more even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile when preparing for coatings and overlays or when removing line strippings and markings.

The machine transports easily and has highly visible and manageable controls. All electrical components and panels are UL certified as part of our commitment to sound safety practices.

Perfect for industrial floors, warehouses, factory roads and bridges, and supermarkets.  It is an environmentally sound choice for any surface preparation contractor.    It is also widely used for blast the ship deck and hull in ship building industry.   Flat steel sheet can also be blasted on the floor when it moves pass through it.


Shot blast cleaning range(mm)200250420550850
Cleaning efficiency(m²/h)>80>180>200>400>600
Blast motor power(kw) 7.5112*7.52*112*15
Machine weight(kg) 154325350560780  

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