Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is designed for removing scale, paint and rust from beams, metal sheet and metal profiles. Another application is to blast cleaning complex large machine constructions or welded steel structures.

This type blasting machine has pre-chamber, blasting chamber and the cleaning chamber. The workpieces will pass through the three chambers on a continuous moving roller conveyor. The conveyor speed can be adjusted by inverter from 0.5m/min to 4m/min. Roller length depends on the workpieces max length.

The quantity and arrangement of the blast turbine wheels and passageways is adapted to the shape and dimension of the work pieces. Blasting wheels are made from wear-resistant materials with power from 7.5 to 45 kW, providing efficient shot blasting.

Rotary brush and blowing nozzle is allocated in the cleaning chamber to remove the dust on parts surface before exit the machine.

The roller conveyor blasting machine can be built into a whole processing line, including cutting, blasting, painting and drying if the workpiece is steel plate or beams.

High quality cartridge type dust collector is used to keep the environmental protection, which makes sure the dust emission lower than 30mg/m3.

If a standard model does not meet your surface preparation requirement, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you.


  1. The roller conveyor shot blasting machine is compact design and it can be designed with pit or without pit.

  2. Fully tailor made blasting machine according to workpiece shape and productivity requirement.

  3. Roller conveyor speed adjustable from 5m/min to 4m/min.

  4. Touch screen operator interface and integrated PLC, automatic mode or manual mode;

  5. The blasting chamber is protected by wear-resistant manganese steel liner, lifetime is about 15000 hours.

  6. Series of rubber screens keep the abrasive inside the blasting machine in entry chamber and exit cleaning chamber.

  7. Rotary brush and high-pressure blowing fan remove the remaining abrasive and dust from workpieces before it exits the shot blasting machine.

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ITEM   /  MODELQH698QH6912QH6915QH6920QH6925
Workpiece width<600mm<1000mm<1500mm<2000mm<2500mm
Workpiece height<1200mm<1500mm<1800mm<2500mm<3000mm
Workpiece length1-14m1-14m1-14m1-14m1-14m
Turbine quanity4/66/888/1010/12
Turbine motor power7.5 kw7.5 kw/ 11kw11kw11kw/15kw15/kw
Roller length6m-12m6m-12m6m-12m6m-12m6m-12m
Foundationno pitneed pitneed pitneed pitneed pit
Total powerabout 40 kwabout 60 kwabout 100kwabout 150 kwabout 200 kw
Abrasive usedS280, S330S280, S330S280, S330S330,S390S330,S390
Dust collectorCartridge typeCartridge typeCartridge typeCartridge typeCartridge type

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