Sand blasting room/booth is designed to blast large workpieces of all shapes and sizes. They are working with compressed air blasting technology. Sand blasting room is designed and fabricated according to the largest size of the work piece to be blasted. They are non-standard machine and available in various sizes.

Blast chamber offers complete unit with chamber enclosure, sand blaster, blasting gun, abrasive recovery system, lighting, and wall protection, etc.

Transport of workpieces in the blast room is usually carried out by means of a forklift or on the trolley, usually across the rails. Sometimes, also can use monorail or overhead crane.

The type of blasting room door has several options: manual swing doors, air cylinder driven swing door, electric roll-up door and sliding door. The blasting room also can have doors opening at both ends.

The abrasive recovery can be manually or automatically. Manual recovery needs a hopper at the corner, and operators sweep the abrasive to the corner hopper for recycle. Automatic system at bottom of blasting room can use screw conveyor, belt conveyor or floor scraper. The floor scraper type is the most advanced technology. It only need a 500mm depth pit or no need the pit if customer can accept raising up the blasting room floor height by structure support.

The pressure blasting pot can have more than 1 blasting gun up to 6 blasting guns. Operators inside the blasting room during working must wear the protection suit and helmet.

If a standard model does not meet your surface preparation requirement, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you.

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