Sand blasting machine Application:

Sandblasting machine widely used in ships, Bridges, mining, machinery, oil pipelines, machine tools, railway, metallurgy, boiler, machinery manufacturing, port construction, water conservancy projects such as surface derusting, smooth surface.It is the most widely used product of abrasive jet, and the sandblasting machine is generally divided into two categories: dry sandblasting machine and liquid sandblasting machine.

Pressure abrasive sand blast pots fit for ship and super big products

Application & Feature Pressure sandblasting machine has many different models to choose:

Pneumatic control.

Electric control.

Manual control

Single gun, two guns or more guns, the machine suitable for long time continuous operation, such as profiles, steel pre-treatment pipes. tanks rust and contatiner re-furbishment

Tank Size∅400*1100mm∅500*1150mm∅600*1200mm∅700*1350mm∅800*1900mm
Air consumption3-7m³/min3-7m³/min3-7m³/min3-7m³/min3-7m³/min
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