1. Applied advanced downflow design and cartridge horizontal insertable layout, in this way dust collector shows good performance in dust cleaning job.

2. Dust baffle plate setup in the dust-laden air intake, in the role of cushion and durable layer, approaches-avoidance of high-speed impact to filter cartridge, thereby extend the life of them.

3. Cartridges 15 C tilt drawer-style installation, enables more convenient remove. And no setup of transmission parts inside the dust collector, which means maximum cutting of maintenance cost. In terms of general dust, there can be no replacement of filter cartridges for a lone time, in the case of saving burdensome work of frequently changing comparing with filter bags, and also a huge reduction of maintenance costs.

4. Modular portfolio, the size of dust collector could be optional to cusotmers’ requirement.

5. The size could be expanded on basis of existing portfolio by increasing dust removal unit, without many changes of original equipment.

If a standard model does not meet your surface preparation requirement, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you.

We manufacture industrial dust collectors for various applications.  Dust collection system improves air-quality and reduces health risk.

We produce low-performance standalone dust collectors for local filtration as well as high-performance modular dust collectors which can be easily combined to form assemblies with the required air volume.

Main applications

  • storing silos and bunkers

  • conveyors transfer points

  • coal handling

  • truck unloading

  • steel & slag

  • mining & quarrying

  • grinding mills, polishing shops

  • foundry plant

Standard model & Specification

ModelCartridge QtyAit VelocityFiltering areaAir volume
HR3-12120.4-0.8 m/min180 M24500-9000
HR4-16160.4-0.8 m/min240 M26000-12000
HR3-24240.4-0.8 m/min360 M29000-18000
HR4-32320.4-0.8 m/min480 M212000-24000
HR4-48480.4-0.8 m/min720 M218000-36000
HR4-64640.4-0.8 m/min960 M224000-48000

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