Normally, the rotary table sand blast machine is loaded manually. The machine is frequently used to blast cleaning aluminum parts, stainless steel parts, glass products, acrylic products and to roughen the surfaces of workpieces prior to coating.

If the sand blasting machine is put in automated lines, it often includes integrated robotic handling devices.

In satellite table sand blasting machines, workpieces are blasted on rotating platforms arranged in a radial pattern. The platform is separate into more than two stations. When one station with workpieces are blasted, another station where operator stand is unloading finished products and loading new workpieces.

The blasting chamber is normally protected with wear resistant rubber liner. If the machine uses steel abrasive, the machine chamber will use manganese steel liner for protection.

Blasting gun numbers and layout arrangement is designed according to workpiece shape and size.

If a standard model does not meet your surface preparation requirement, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you.

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